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Okay, so I got asked to lead a devotional tomorrow morning at our men’s prayer breakfast on “Christ as a warrior” and after thinking a while about the topic I decided to dig up a devo I did with the Ward Street youth group during August of ’04 on the similarities between Samurai and Christian soldiers (and yes, it was inspired by The Last Samurai at the time). Anyway after I found it and scanned it into my computer I rediscovered the fun of scanners and have decided to show you some sketches and stuff I have done over the past few years.

This first one was a sketch that was used for a T-Shirt design at Pepperdine in the Spring of 2003. The idea behind it was that while most of the Pepp sophomores go overseas, for those of who stayed behind in Malibu we wanted to have a little token of our own. This was supposed to be the design for the front of the t-shirt (only inversed with a white logo on a royal blue shirt) and the back was supposed to read something to the effect of “You went overseas… but we got one of these”… Well the whole thing fell apart – the design was still used but it wasn’t used well. Anyway I got paid $50 for my work so I wasn’t upset about it (and the “M” in Malibu is supposed to double as a crashing wave in case you were looking at it with bewilderment):


This second one I did last year when I was given a job reference by a friend from church. The job was to create a logo for a soon-to-be-created company called “Whistleberry Barbeque” and I was told to incorporate a train into the design and to have the word whistleberry appear in smoke. This was the third and final draft which they used (or at least which they paid me for… I haven’t actually found out if the business is open yet).

This one was supposed to be the t-shirt design for our youth rally last February here in Missoula, but we never actually got around to making the t-shirts. But I still thought it was kinda cool even though it is in unfinished pencil sketch form.

These next couple are just random sketches from the last couple semesters done when I was probably supposed to be taking notes (if you look close you can definitely tell these are done in the margins of my notebook paper). This first series is for my wonderful mother-in-law and these were some of my original sketches for a logo for her dream smoothie company. Be on the lookout for Getgo Juice in the future.

And this one was done the day after I saw the Northern Lights dancing in the sky for the first time during Fall of ’04 up here in Montana. I was so inspired by the natural beauty that I decided the “Northern Lights” would be a great sports team name and the idea of sketching a logo was more appealing than listening to the lecture. Turns out there is already a college up here with the nickname “Northern Lights” and they already had a logo.

 And this last one is actually just a rough draft of an idea I have had for a long time. The idea was inspired back during my first summer at TRCC and I gave a devo along the lines of watching what we put into our minds. Well Pete and Keith who were in my first cabin ever (you guys rock!) took the message literally and started smashing their CDs the next morning with golf clubs. It was awesome. Well soon after I promised the guys that I would also smash my inappropriate cds upon returning to California I came up with an idea based on Acts 19:19-20 which says “A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand pieces of silver. In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power” So the idea was rather than selling the cds to destroy them for the glory of God as Pete and Keith had done, only I wanted to incorporate these cds into an art project tentatively titled “Acts 19:19” where the broken cds would be used in a collage, but some of them would be put music side up in the form of a cross so that when one looks at the cross they can see themselves in it and the cross triumphes over the surrounding wordly images (broken cds label side up). So here’s a rough idea of the concept (except you can’t see your reflection in the cds in a picture) and if you like it feel free to help me put by breaking cds/dvds that are not good influences on you and I will incorporate them into this project (tentatively and very loosely scheduled to be completed <and probably started for that matter> sometime in 2007).

Alright folks – that’s it from me. God Bless!

  1. kenhooooooe says:

    hi josh its kendra meserve if you remember me! um-WOW-you can draw and that cd cross is top 5 coolest things ive ever seen

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is your major???  Those sketches and the cd collage are great, you have been blessed with many talents!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    These are amazing! As a possible graphic design minor, this really makes me happy to see! ^_^ It’s a pity that some of these were never really put on shirts, because they’re great! I’m very inspired, and seeing this is making me work harder on my own design for the t-shirts that my youth group will be using on our local mission trip and our Youth Rally. You’re very much an inspiration! -Lindsey F.

  4. Anonymous says:

    its encouraging to see god working in others. you are blessed brother. tell jaime i say hello. i know we doint talk much. ill keep trying to call. you guys are great. i love you both so much

  5. JGT49 says:

    Wow Josh! Thank you so much for all your encouragement! I am really glad to hear from you! I would love SO much to  come and visit you guys in Montana! I will be working on a plan! What an amazing talent God has given you in art! Honestly I’ll say it Josh, I’m envious! What an incredible gift! Talk to ya later. Hug that pretty lady Jaime for me ok?!

  6. enyasonion says:

    Ha! I wish the margins in my notebook looked that amazing! Maybe I should start gluing cd pieces to my notes…hmmm. Breaking cds was one thing that we began doing every year at the camp I grew up attending. Everyone who wanted to get rid of the trash in their life would bring the cds (that actually weren’t allowed at camp!!) and break them over a large trash can. By the last night, when we had our bonfire, the trashcan was full and we added its contents to the fire. And even though you may not have added anything to the fire, you somehow felt cleansed! God is cool like that!
    Thanks for that memory jump. I pray for you and Jaime often, and hope that things are going well! Keep shinin’ that light!

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