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No joke, this seriously was delivered to our house recently by the University. Here are some of my favorite excerpts, keep in mind this was meant to be a serious warning about the possible dangers of living in Montana.

If You Meet A Mountain Lion

* Stay calm. Talk to the lion in a confident yet calm voice.
* If a mountain lion behaves aggressively: Arm yourself with a large stick, throw rocks, speak louder and more firmly. Do not turn your back or stay crouched down. The object is to convince the lion that you are not prey, but in fact are a danger to them.
* Fight back! IF a mountain lion attacks, remain standing up. Many people have survived lion attacks by fighting back with everything from rocks, sticks, and bare fists to fishing poles.

Pretty funny, eh? Well, lest you start fretting about the safety of myself, Jaime and Robert let me assure you I have in two plus years had zero encounters with any mountain lions and in fact have also had zero encounters with any proud Montanans who don’t carry a gun. That’s right – we’re all gangstas in Montana.

On a more serious note if you could keep me in your prayers this weekend as I am trying to write a 50 plus page final paper which is due Tuesday. I am currently only on page 8, but if I can complete it I will be officially graduated retroactive to Summer 2006. I would very much like this to happen, but I need your prayers. Please keep Jaime in your prayers as well that she might be able to have a God given confidence and peace about her last two classes this semester and for Robert that God blesses his time here in Montana. Thank you!